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Did you know that Konami almost made a Castlevania game for Sega 32X, which eventually gave way to Symphony of the Night when the 32X turned out to be a disaster? The Internet has that pegged as “Castlevania: The Bloodletting,” though former Castlevania boss Koji Igarashi says they never got around to naming it.

Anyway, the sprites here are apparently all that remains of that game, reprinted on… a Japanese Castlevania website, I guess? From right to left: Streets of Rage-style Richter Belmont, Mai Shiranui-style Maria Renard, and Richter’s unnamed rival. The Castlevania Realm does a pretty good job of analyzing these sprites vs. Symphony’s.

As an aside, I had a weird moment when I went searching for confirmation on details for this post and the most definitive resource on the topic I managed to dig up was… an interview I conducted six years ago. I’ve been doing this way too long, man.

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